Oopsie Daisy!

Dec 10, 2023 | 0 comments

So, here is something funny for you! Have you ever done or said something that shot you in the foot?  Well, that has happened to me this week.

I had the idea for a brand new sculpture. I chanced across a wonderful vintage “Pocket Savings Bank” tin. I held it in my hand, and fell in love. Then I pondered on which words felt right for it, and “the best things in life are free” suddenly popped in to my head (…in my mind, that came in the form of Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson singing…). So, I rushed home to make it, all excited, and by the next day, there it was all completed.

I LOVE the sentiment…. and therein lies the problem.

What am I saying if “the best things in life are free”, and then I am asking someone to purchase it???!!! Do you see the problem now?  It was an oxymoron and a half …. and, I, quite frankly, just felt like the moron bit! 😉

So, my slip up is YOUR GAIN! Because…… I am giving this sculpture away for FREE to the first person who makes a purchase on my website, or through Facebook/Instagram that totals over £200 (not including postage). It would retail for £110, so is a bargain and a half for someone….. and the best things in life really can be FREE!!

Claire x

(Please note: Can be multiple items purchased to total £200 or more, but they all have to be checked out/paid for at the same time. Free sculpture will be awarded to whoever completes their sale (including payment) first, and the final decision is made by myself and is final. Will be judged purely by timings.)