Coming out the other side……

Mar 14, 2021

Well, what a rollercoaster ride this last year has been for us all, regardless of whether you are a creative, or not. So, a new way of life has emerged, and we have all been forced to accept it, and try to reconcile with it. But it’s been hard, hasn’t it, in so many different ways.

I am luckier than many. Life on the farm here affords me private space that I have been more grateful for than ever before. I can’t say my life here has changed that dramatically during lockdown. I am more insular than I usually am, and I miss the friends I have terribly. But, it’s also come as a time of huge reflection, and the realisation of the things that are truly important. So, I have been busy holding myself, and my family, together, during these tough times, and sadly, that has been at the cost of not producing anywhere near the volume of work that I have been wanting to, or needing to financially. I worried about that for some time, and then finally made peace with it. I figured that just holding everything together was enough, for just now.

Almost a year on from where it all started, from the day when life changed for us all, I find myself suddenly more back on track, feeling like making again, with a renewed enthusiasm. Some days are better than others, but I am learning to ride the waves, and be kinder to myself. But I wanted to let you know that I am still here, and still passionate about what I do. Over the next few weeks you will begin to see new work emerging again, I hope! The sculpture pictured below is so on track with how I feel right now, emerging back in to the new normal of life with a little encouragement, “it’s all right”….. I think we all need a bit of that right now.

Claire x

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