About the Artist

Little Burrow Designs is the whimsical repurposed sculpture world of mixed media artist, Claire Read.

“I love to give life again to unloved or unused objects from the past. It doesn’t bother me if an item is far from perfect in condition – for me that merely enhances its story. Somehow I connect emotionally with the objects I choose to work with, almost like secretly, they know what they would like to be. I love the thought that, as an object reaches the end of its valued life, someone like me still sees value in it, and decides to rework it in to some thing new – and so it begins life again, in a different form.”

Each piece, or “storybox”, is created entirely by reworking vintage and antique objects, often with a combination of vintage textiles and haberdashery. Most storyboxes are one-off, unique sculptures, with only very few being offered as a small limited edition. For the most part though, each storybox sculpture you see will be the only one of its kind.

“I have a long-standing love of literature and music, and this can often be seen in my work, being either printed via my treasured vintage Baby Hermes typewriter, or sculpted out of wire.

The fact that I live on a smallholding in the rolling Devon countryside, surround by slightly abnormal pets – llamas, sheep, and pigs, who potter in and out of the house, also helps with my slightly “unusual” view on life. Sheep playing on bouncy castles, and pigs joining in at family breakfast time, only increase to inspire me.”

Claire’s background is in Architecture, having graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, and Plymouth School of Architecture, to gain her BA (Hons) Architecture in 1997.